Looking Back

We have had many vacations and trips that boast "a trip of a lifetime," and we enjoyed every one of them. But this trip will never be beaten and never forgotten. I set out to see the world. I ended up rediscovering myself. A group of people, drawn together in one place - a bubble, … Continue reading Looking Back

Disembarkation day, July Five

Our bus to the airport was 7 am, so we were up early again for a hearty breakfast and final goodbyes. The bus took us to Newark airport across the Hudson River in New Jersey, and we got through security with few problems. We had a couple of hours to wait for our flight home … Continue reading Disembarkation day, July Five

All at Sea

We left belfast and headed north. We passed through the narrow passage, just 11 miles between Northern Ireland and Scotland. Scotland We then turned west over the top of Northern Ireland, heading to St John's, Newfoundland, Canada. This journey is over 1,000 miles and takes four days at sea. The time difference is four and … Continue reading All at Sea

Southern Ireland

During our sea day, we attended part of the series on Photography. The day's subject was portraits. We learned the basic skills of taking a good portrait, then went out on deck to practice in natural light. I seem to have become the favorite subject. The teacher took three shots of me to demonstrate what … Continue reading Southern Ireland